Do you find yourself struggling in multiple areas of your life?

You’re not alone.

I, too, have realized that struggles are an unavoidable part of our lives.

Daily, you and I struggle.






And even…


Nonetheless, all that we struggle about are valid.

In fact, a step towards overcoming these struggles is accepting the fact that you can’t overcome it alone—at least, with all that you’ve been trying to do right now.

You probably need some help.

So, where can you start?

I, for one, am building this site to help you and our fellows…

…the ones who have been burdened with innumerable cares.

And even those who simply can’t figure out the way to calm their cat down.


Whether you think your struggle is simple or not, it’s my mission to give you some help.

If you find yourself in a financial dilemma, The Struggling Financier is your buddy.

If you have questions about faith, beliefs, God, or anything philosophical, you have The Struggling Believer as your friend.

Meanwhile, if somehow, you’d love to solve technical problems at home or at work, The Struggling Techie can be your pal.

If you see yourself as a budding artist, you might want to team up with The Struggling Artist.

Or, if you love cats but find it hard to control them at times, you might want to be best friends with The Struggling Cat Owner.

Whatever your problem might be, I bet there’s always some solution out there.

All it takes is for you to let someone else hold your hand.

Don’t be afraid get help.

Someone will always be willing to.