Why It’s Good To Be Rich


I mean—financially?

Of course. We probably all are.

Even the rich have problems of some sort, too.

They, too, continue to manage their finances.

Along the way, they meet challenges.

Yep. Financial challenges.

But will those challenges stop them on their tracks to building wealth?

Nope. Surely not.

The rich continue to strive.

And so must you.

Why should I strive to be rich? You ask.


Because being truly rich will give you satisfaction.


Yup. Sounds strange from someone like me who believes that…

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Of course, I hate those who are unethically using people just to gain money.

We don’t want that here.

You see, you and I are more like partners.

We both strive for that which will bring us joy.

We want to be satisfied.

But we also like to give.

In fact, the act of giving gives us real satisfaction.

And how can we give if we don’t have anything?

Worse, how can we give if we are broke?

So, you and I aim to be rich…

But with a noble purpose.

You don’t want to simply hoard money.

You’d love to be abundant.

And in your abundance, you would like to bless others.


Do you want to know how to be rich?

You will know….

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